JUST CBD Review 2019 : What you need to know

JustCBD, a 2017 addition to the ever-growing CBD industry, is a company that deals in products that are derived from isolates of Cannabidiol (popularly known as CBD). The company’s website state that it was established based on the premise nature’s hidden mystery is CBD which is derived from hemp.

JustCBD puts itself at the forefront of identifying distortions in the CBD business and thereafter clarifying the consistent misinterpretation especially through their high-quality CBD products. It strategically guarantees to be honest with the formulation of its products which are organic, pure, vegan, non-psychoactive and non-genetically modified.

The company, JustCBD, with the assistance of world-class labs in assessing a 100 percent of their products, continues to lead the CBD business with its ground-breaking formulations such as the CBD gummies, CBD vape pens and oils, oil tinctures, jet setter, CBD protein bars, CBD dried fruit, vape juices, CBD pain cream, isolate, CBD bath soap, CBD vape cartridges and CBD-mixed formulations for pets.

JustCBD and its owners continue to advance the business through partnership with relevant individuals and bodies. One of such is the recent partnership with Dr. George Tabi and Flo-Rida, an international music star and one of the most health-conscious music performers.

The partnership initiative came into place when the Jet Setter, an immune strengthening formulation was made available in the market sometime in 2019.


JustCBD at present has an array of life-enriching products in different flavors. Visiting the shop on their website presents a list of products that include Vape Oil and Vape Juice, Honey Sticks, Isolate, Tincture Oil, Vape Cartridges, Dried Fruit, Gummies, Pain Cream, Pet Treats, Vape Pens and Bath Bombs.

Vape Oils

The vape oils come in eight different flavors: Pineapple Express, OG (watermelon), Blue Dream (Blueberry), Cookies, Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango Ice, Blue Razz and Pina Colada Ice with the price of each ranging from $15.99 – $49.99.
It claims that all vape juices are examined for purity and potency from third-party labs that are independent and that hemp used for production are grown locally in the United State. Hence, are free from artificial undesirable enhancements.

Their fruity flavors are right on target and not very sweet. Pineapple Express has such a new and common tart flavor. OG remembers one of watermelon bubblegum, and arrived in a genuine close second. The persistent flavor is negligible since they are each made with unadulterated CBD segregate.

The sweet flavors are also fine. However, they were a piece unreasonably sweet. Blue Dream is quite charming. The Cookies had a noticeable maple syrup enhance. In the event that you need something not so much sugary but rather more normal tasting, go with their fruity flavors.

The impacts with 250 mg CBD are inconspicuous however recognizable, particularly when utilizing a sub ohm tank. After a couple of large puffs, I abruptly felt progressively loose, and a slight euphoric sensation. A large number of the advantages to utilizing cannabidiol are not perceptible immediately. CBD can calm side effects from uneasiness, agony or progressively extreme conditions like nerve issue and sadness. As indicated by free lab testing, JustCBD e-juice contains no THC and the CBD measurements is depicted precisely.

The name of each flavor is motivated by genuine cannabis strains, however not really separated from that specific one. CBD isolate is recorded as the wellspring of cannabidiol, so the impacts will be entirely reliable. Except if obviously you blend them in with strain-explicit terpene oils.


Terpenes are obviously not strange to cannabis experts. Even though they are popularly associated with cannabis and hemp, terpenes are found in so many places in nature. They give each plant their own remarkable smell and taste. Terpenes additionally work synergistically with cannabinoids, regardless of whether it be CBD or THC, to modify their belongings.

JustCBD has six assortments of terpene oil, from various half breed hemp strains. Costing $30 per 1 mL bottle, each is distinct in impacts and advantages, which are written on the packaging.

The JustCBD terpenes are strain-specific and they arrive in a glass container with an elastic plug that requires a needle-tip dropper to utilize. Every one of them has its very own boisterous home-grown aroma — as you would expect with hemp-separated terpenes.
JustCBD Isolate: The JustCBD Isolate is most likely a similar kind they use to create their vape juice and edibles. It is tasteless and has no odour. The isolate has various uses.

It very well may be taken, eaten, mixed with foods and drinks and so on. The isolate is ideal for making edibles. It doesn’t have quite a bit of a taste, so it tends to be added to any of your preferred existing e-fluids, ideally ones with 0 mg nicotine. It’s also ideal for adding cannabidiol to cakes, pies, brownies, treats, meals, and so forth.


Just CBD Gummies are soft, chewy little snacks that can be consumed directly without any further preparation or longer procedure. They serve as a quick and easy way of getting the benefits of CBD. More so, they are natural form of snacking that are entirely safe for our day-to-day activities.

They have Sugar Free CBD Gummies that contain no sugar and as such come without all the calories. They are also cholesterol free and they contain plenty nutrients from the real fruits with which they are produced. Sugar Free CBD Gummies come in 250mg, 500mg, 750mg and 1000mg containers.

They also have Xmas Gummies specials that come in Snow Flurries and Snowmen Trees variants.
Protein Bars: The Protein Bar is another of the JustCBD edibles that can be easily consumed as snacks. The protein bar that comes between $5.00 – $60.00 also contains no THC and therefore does not cause euphoria.

Honey Sticks

An extract of natural honey that can be consumed on the go.

Dried Fruits

Although, they take a while before the effects are felt, these awesome edible dried fruits infused with CBD derived from hemp is an easy way of enjoying CBD on the go.

JustCBD Pain Cream

A blend of CBD extract and other ingredients such as aloe vera, coconut oil, sunflower seed extract and vitamin E, that is produced for the relief of body pains and aches.

Pet Treats

JustPets Dog Treats and JustPets Cat Treats are two special creations for pets that are easily administered to provide a sizeable amount of CBD needs of our pets. Both come at $30.00 each.

CBD Vape Pens

The CBD vaporizer pens are easy-to-use ways of enjoying CBD for people who are usually on the move. They come in different arrays of shapes and are portable enough for small purses or even the pocket. They come at $20 each and can administer 200mg of CBD.

Bath Bombs and Soaps

These contain the signature excellence of JustCBD blending in hemp-derived CBD with therapeutic ingredients and flavored liquids to leave your skin gentle and refreshing. They come in numerous variants – Patchouli, Citrus, Natural, Pomegranate for soaps; Deep Spices, Floral Scents, Fresh Air, Open Fields, Fruit Explosion and Ocean Breeze for bath bombs.

The general feedback of customers is positive as almost all the customers that gave feedback on their review page expressed satisfaction at the prices of the JustCBD items, the delivery time and the action of products. Many others expressed love to JustCBD as delivery was fast and free.