Air Vape X review 2019


Bid farewell to unsafe poisons, solid scents and consuming sensations in your lungs and throat. Dry herb vaporizers are getting progressively well-known. Regardless of whether you are new to vaping, or you’ve been around for a while, selecting your dry herb vaporizer, can be very overpowering. Here, AirVape USA (by Apollo Vaporizer).

AirVape is manufactured by Apollo Vaporizers. Apollo Vaporizers is a company owned by Hungarian-born Romanian, Roland Szegi. Roland entered the vape industry through a company that resells existing vape brands. This made him realize the need for top-notch pocket-size vaporizer and this led to the birth of his own line of vaporizers – AirVape X.

AirVape USA sells just the most excellent versatile vaporizers and vape adornments. They convey the most developed, simple to utilize products available today – without an insane sticker price. Also, they give 10% of every deal to natural causes, and offer their clients an awesome reusing program.

The quality and security of dry herb vaporizers is principally the aftereffect of the innovation and materials utilized during its production, specifically the material utilized in its warming component.

There have been a great deal of discussions inside the vaping network regarding which warming component materials are top tier and offer the most significant level of wellbeing. Specialists, pundits, and “regular vapers” have reasoned that their top pick in material is fired.

For free leaf vaping, the “breaking points” of the three most basic cannabinoids are: CBG: 57°C/126°F, THC: 157°C/315°F and CBD: 180°C/356°F

Moreover, here are the perfect vaping temperatures for the other basic herbs utilized in dry herb disintegrating: Lavender: 130°C, Valerian: 235°C, St. John’s Wort: 100-150°C, Chamomile: 190°C, Yerba Mate: 150-190°C.

Regardless of whether you are a recreational client, tolerant, first-clock, or social smoker, AirVape USA has something for everybody. The wide-assortment of easy to understand smooth models and hues at affordable sticker prices have become top choices in the vape network. Not certain which model is directly for you? Drop AirVape USA a line and somebody will get directly back to you. AirVape USA also transports universally.

Product Categories

There are three categories of products on AirVapeUSA’s site – For Dry Herb, For Oil/Concentrates and Accessories & Parts.

For Dry Herb

Get ready for a better vaping experience because the AirVapeXs and the AirVape X are bringing with them the best highlights of the Xs,

AirVape X

The AirVape X vaporizer comes in many editions namely: AirVape X (comes in Blue and Black and that sells for $179), AirVape X Artist Edition (comes in Rose Gold and Shade of Grey and sells for $199), AirVape X SE (comes in Black & Gold and Silver & Bronze variants and sells at $249), AirVape Xs Go sells at $69 and comes in an elegant onyx black color.
Totally Portable Shell: One of the contentions against dry herb vaporizers is while they are smaller, free leaf vapers can’t generally utilize it anywhere due to the smell that they radiate. The AirVape X tends to this with a shell development that minimizes free leaf odors.

This is a high-quality vape model that comes in different colour variants. It is smell proof, water resistant, very discrete and can still fit as a pocket-size device. The AirVape X brags of a 25% greater earthenware warming chamber and love premium development.

Hardly any convenient vaporizers talk about the obvious issue at hand; scent. The smell that emanates when heating cannabis can be a main problem for individuals who need to stay circumspect when they’re in broad daylight. The AirVape X Shell makes the AirVape X a genuinely compact vaporizer by disposing of the smell. Hurl the shell on and keep it in your pack without stressing over who’s going to perceive the fragrance.

Dry and Wet Herb Compatible: Among free leaf clients, vaping the genuine herb is as yet the most prevalent method for expending it. Nonetheless, more vapers are starting to value the experience and accommodation of utilizing oil focuses instead. Typically, one would require an alternate gadget to vape hemp oil concentrates, however AirVape X functions admirably with both dry herbs and concentrates. 

The AirVape X vape outperformed our desires, not only because of its flawless plan, yet additionally its solid usefulness with both dry herb and concentrates. Switching between dry herb and concentrate vaping is consistent and agreeable with the AirVape X.

A Great Step Up from the AirVapeXs: Ordinarily, it feels like vape makers discharge new items only for releasing sake, without any form of improvement from its past items. This was not the situation with the AirVape XS and the AirVape X. The degree of progress in this adaptation is genuinely great. It’s simpler to use with the attractive cover, all the more obliging with the wax embed and bigger chamber, and much sleeker with the new mouthpiece. Its ancestor was an effectively noteworthy versatile vaporizer, which says a great deal regarding the AirVape X. AirVape sells just the most excellent vaporizers and vape adornments and has been hailed as truly outstanding by numerous vaping pundits around the world. Look at our most up to date dry herb vaporizer, the AirVape X. It’s the most developed, simple to utilize vape pen available today.

For Concentrates

AirVape OM

AirVape OM for concentrates comes in four different editions namely: AirVape OM (Leather) that sells at $99, AirVape OM (Carbon) that also sells at $99, AirVape OM-Classic (Full Ceramic Atomizer) sells at $69 and the coming-soon Airvape OM-Classic (Dual Quartz Atomizer).

These are upgraded and fortified-with-a-new-look concentrate/oil vaporizers. They have a longer-lasting battery, magnetic cartridge and protective mouth piece section.

Accessories and Parts

AirVape USA have a wide array of accessories and parts that guarantee a better vaping experience from mouth piece, to cartridge, power bank, replacement screens among others.

Prices and Services Reviews

Since their dispatch, the AirVape USA products have gotten positive surveys from vape pundits for their Ultra-thin structure, great execution, simple loading and usage.

AirVape USA products are the best convenient vaporizers for the vast majority. They are simpler to use than any of their challenge, switching hotness and coldness, or cleaning them. Their smooth fume gives delicious flavors.

A Low-Price Tag: Much the same as any bit of way of life tech, premium dry herb vaporizers for the most part accompany a significant expense tag. The AirVape USA vaporizers offer a premium vaping with a low price. The AirVape USA products have all the extraordinary characteristics you anticipate from the top weed vaporizers, however without the money you spend for the top weed vaporizers. They have haptic input, precise temperature controls, and fired materials all in a smooth, hot bundle. Thus, on the off chance that you need top quality without paying top dollar, the AirVape USA products are for you!